Wedge Clamp Measuring System

The Wedge Clamp Pivot Measuring System is so simple and affordable, you can equip every technician in your shop with one. This 3D system can be used independently for damage appraisal or together with your straightening equipment during a repair. With its ingenious, patented rotating/telescoping action, it can accesses the entire vehicle from any angle, and from a single mounting point.

The Pivot Measuring System can be used alone or with our Length and Height Accessory – making 3D spec book measurements anywhere on the vehicle. Fewer pieces to assemble mean faster and easier set-ups than on other systems. And accuracy is excellent because the system stays mounted to the vehicle throughout the repair.

The system also self-confirms correct calibration, and automatically eliminates factory build- tolerance in the vehicle. Damage assessment has never been faster or easier – whether the vehicle is on or off your straightening equipment.