The laser measuring system that overshadows the rest.

Need the fastest, most accurate laser measuring system ever devised? The Eclipse Plus Electronic Measuring System combines a polar laser scanner with portable Live Targets and Intelligent Stems positioned by the body technician at strategically marked frame or body points. Each sweep of the laser precisely locates each of the targets, which then transmit the measurements to the computer and its database of manufacturer specifications. As the pulling process begins, the Live Targets’ verification lights change to indicate severity of damage – to red, yellow or green depending on closeness to manufacturers’ specifications. When all lights are green, the frame is restored to its proper measurements.


State of the art automotive frame repair

360 degree Polar Laser Scanner calibrates on every sweep at 5 times per second. The Scanner and Precision Target Adapters can be placed anywhere under the vehicle or on its side. Tested and proven in aircraft manufacturing, the scanner surpasses all other measuring technology and is the new standard for electronic measuring in the collision repair industry.

The Eclipse Plus innovative system components:

  • Computer plus 3D software
  • 12 Intelligent Targets
  • Full set aluminum/magnesium attachments
  • Upper body measuring system
  • Wireless internet capability
  • Web based or in-shop training
  • First year data
  • Quarterly data updates
  • 1 Year warranty on AMS components
  • 32-foot measuring envelope
  • 4 times per second measurement updates

Live training at your fingertips.

The Eclipse Plus is the only electronic measuring system that offers live online training. Simply log onto the Eclipse Plus training session and interact live with the trainer as you learn in real time how to use the system. The training is included with every Eclipse Plus purchase.