You’ll wonder how you got along without it

Static buildup can be a painter’s nightmare, causing inconsistent laydown, halos (especially on silver and gold metallics), mismatched blending, dark edges and patchiness. Even the best paint booths are vulnerable, because static buildup turns any car into a powerful electromagnet, attracting dust, dirt and other airborne impurities onto its surface in irregular, often splotchy patterns. Painters are forced to compensate by adjusting flow volume from one area to another – resulting in problems like overpainting, running and sinkage.

The most common solution is anti-static wipes – but they add extra time and effort to the preparation process, as well as unnecessary and ongoing material costs.

The best solution is the Stat-Gun.



Restores electrical neutrality

With its built-in microprocessors and tungsten emitters generating a powerful, invisible ionizing spray, the Stat-Gun completely eliminates static on a vehicle by completely neutralizing surface charges. It hooks up to your air supply like a conventional blow gun for cleaning the vehicle surface before the base and clear coats. But the results are very different than using air alone, because now with a newly neutralized surface charge, your surface is finally – and fully – ready to accept paint.

You’ll notice an improvement the first time you use it. And by eliminating the need for anti-static wiping, the Stat-Gun saves you time and money.

Simplifies prep, reduces de-nibbing & halos

By neutralizing surface static and allowing paint particles to lie flatter, the Stat-Gun reduces or eliminates the need to ‘de-nib’ the surface of prominent particles. That’s a full step and a lot of time saved. And flatter particles (especially metal flakes) reflect more light and create a brighter, shinier surface.

Halos are another common problem, and usually the result of trying to smoothly color-blend one of today’s popular (28% of all cars) metallic paints. Again, the Stat-Gun’s ability to restore electrical neutrality across the surface being painted makes blending a breeze, often eliminating halos entirely.

Small wonder that painters who’ve tried the Stat-Gun say they never want to do another job without it.

Once you try it, chances are you’ll feel the same way.



Makes every area paintable

Static can ruin a job on even the smallest surfaces. On a car’s front grille, for example, static buildup can push paint out of recesses or tight corners, forcing the painter to overload (with messy results) or to leave some surfaces uncovered. The Stat-Gun’s ability to neutralize any charge allows the paint to flow into every nook and cranny – for a more complete, professional-looking finish.

On every job, before the base and clear coats, Stat-Gun ensures the smoothest, most even paint flow – and the most professional-looking results.

Only Stat-Gun meets all safety standards

Other manufacturers have attempted spray-on solutions to the problem of static, but most come with safety issues. Devices using radioactive polonium, for example, need special handling because of their highly toxic power source, and in most jurisdictions are hard to get approved. Plug-in anti-static devices usually lack safety certification for flammable environments like spraybooths – and their added electrical cable makes them cumbersome and time-consuming to set up and use.

The UK-manufactured Stat-Gun is designed to the highest safety standards – with the stringent European ATEX approval for class 1 flammable areas, including paint spraybooths. It is the only cordless, battery-operated anti-static device to achieve this respected safety certification. For ease of use, efficiency, safety and effectiveness, no other device can match it.



12 hours of continuous use

The Stat-Gun is powered by an extra-long-life, lithium-polymer battery and comes with its own recharging stand. Red LED indicates charging, green indicates fully charged, orange indicates Stat-Gun is in use. Fully charged battery allows about 12 hours of continuous use. One charge could last for weeks, but we suggest charging every night for convenience.