Wedge Clamp System VS. Benches & Frame Racks

Time has become a distinctly precious commodity; especially if you are in the body shop business. Terms such as profitability, productivity and efficiency have become synonymous with the industry buzz word “cycle time”. Ever-increasing demands from the insurance industry for … Read More

Key Ideas for Repair Shop Productivity

Shop Layout Many shops built in the 80’s were designed with a good deal of the shop space being dedicated to the body side. Today’s shop should be at least 50/50 paint/body with the majority of the space being dedicated … Read More

Nine things you need to know when building or upgrading a body shop – and the common mistakes you should avoid.

Choice Of Building Lot In many cases, location is a prime consideration in the planning stage when a new building is being considered for a collision repair facility. Many “prime” locations are not in any way realistically suited for a … Read More