NitroWeld is today’s way to repair today’s advanced composites.

Why use foreign materials to repair modern plastic and composite components? Epoxy, bonding material and clumsy meshing simply don’t cut it anymore. Their failure rate is too high, they take too much time and effort and, in many cases, they simply don’t work because glues and composites aren’t made for each other.

NitroWeld’s super-heated nitrogen gas melts and bonds broken bumper skins, headlight tabs or plastic radiators with a repair that cools and dries in seconds instead of hours or days. And because you’re repairing original materials with the same material, your repair is far less likely to fail.

Save time and money, and floor space.

Instead of hours or even days, the NitroWeld system repairs plastic components in seconds. Saving you time and money and doing a much better job! Why tie up valuable shop space waiting for parts to dry, or to see if they’ll even hold? With NitroWeld, repairs are near-instantaneous. When you’re done, it’s done.

Fixes virtually all plastics and composites.

The NitroWeld system uses a wide variety of welding rods to repair today’s plastic and composite repair materials, including polypropylene, ABS, Nylon, PVC, polyurethane and polycarbonate.

Advanced heated nitrogen technology.

NitroWeld comes with its own nitrogen supply system (which you won’t need if you’re already using our NitroHeat paint system.) The heated nitrogen welder uses nitrogen as a shielding gas to eliminate oxidation from the weld area, creating a stronger weld. A stream of heated nitrogen simultaneously heats and melts both substrate and welding rod. Correct pressure and gun position determine weld quality.

Important safety features.

Gas temperatures in excess of 200º F (93º C) can do nasty things to unprotected fingers. But the NitroWeld 650 incorporates a cool-touch heater and safety cap to insulate the user’s hands from the heated stream. Its exclusive heat shutoff system also helps prevent accidents, because a sudden loss in nozzle pressure for any reason immediately cuts power to heating element – helping to protect the user (and work pieces) from damage.

And you can afford it!

It’s not only time you’ll save with NitroWeld. It’s also safer (CSA approved) and available for a lower price unlike many other plastic welding systems, so you’ll save on the purchase. Sooner or later your shop will need one. Why not order your NitroWeld system right now?