Nitro-charge your profits.

With its 98% pure heated nitrogen delivery, Wedge Clamp’s NitroHeat dramatically reduces overspray and flash times, allowing you to cycle more cars through your shop and boost your profits. And because it uses 98% pure nitrogen gas instead of a mishmash of molecules, NitroHeat produces a smoother, sleeker-looking finish than existing systems. Even converting is a snap, because NitroHeat plugs right into your existing setup – nothing to replace or throw away!


Out with the old air, in with the Nitrogen.

A series of filters and a generator removes the oxygen, argon and other non-nitrogen gases, leaving a super clean, very dry stream of nitrogen – ideal for the efficient transfer of paint on any surface.

Why 98% nitrogen is better?

Conventional air propellant carries multiple molecules of different sizes and impurities travelling at different speeds, resulting in collisions, overspray and uneven distribution of paint particles. You can see from these electron microscope photos of identical surfaces painted using air and NitroHeat, show NitroHeat spray lays down better and transmit fewer impurities. 98% nitrogen molecules in NitroHeat propellant carrying the same amount of paint – travel at the same speeds and distribute themselves more evenly resulting in a brighter, more reflective surface.

NitroHeat’s lighter-than air nitrogen system

NitroHeat’s spray travels faster than air, so typically works at 3-6 psi less than compressed air. Reduced pressure and a more uniform stream mean dramatically less paint waste. NitroHeat heats your spray to whatever temperature you choose up to 200 F (93 degrees Celsius). Paint flashes off faster and lays down better minimizing halos, than with compressed air systems.

Let us show you how easy it is to join the many successful shops that have converted to NitroHeat.
So you can start nitro-charging your profits.