What’s so different about your system?

Everything! The Wedge Clamp System gives you the capability to equip every single technician with a stall capable of measuring, pulling and anchoring. What makes us really unique, though, is what we don’t do – like hogging huge chunks of bodyshop space for only one repair operation. Or limiting your stalls to single functions. Or leaving them idle (as frame racks and benches do). Instead, the versatility of our system allows you to equip each and every stall for frame and body repair, diagnostics, paint prepping and measuring. When not in use, our System is stored out of the way on a wall rack or on a cart, freeing the space on your shop floor.

Your system seems much smaller than the large frame racks and benches that are common in the industry today. Can it still do the job?

Absolutely! In fact, our compact size is one of our strongest selling points. Just 14” wide at its widest, our system not only takes up far less space when in use, but hangs on the wall, completely out of the way when you’re not using it. No  more valuable space wasted! Compare us to the bulky, heavy and obstructive frame rack systems which can take up to 50% more space while doing exactly the same job as our system. It’s a no-brainer.

How powerful is your system compared to other multi-stall frame and body repair systems?

Our pulling towers pack up to 15 tons of hydraulic pulling power – better than most multi-stall frame repair systems.
They can also be set up 360 degrees around the damaged vehicle, making them one of the most versatile pulling systems on the market. They are also super-adaptable, easily working alongside  most of today’s most popular collision repair systems. And they’re designed to let you pull on two different points at the same time, together or individually.

Can your system handle SUVs and pick-up trucks?

Absolutely! Our Full Frame Anchoring System (part number 92800) securely anchors and repairs all full-frame vehicles. Its universal, 2-axis swivel clamp adapts to a broad range of vehicle configurations with minimal effort – so you set up quicker and use fewer adapters and parts.

Is there enough space to work under the vehicle?

Yes – in fact, there’s precisely the same amount of space under a vehicle mounted on our system as on a vehicle mounted on a frame rack and most benches.

Does the term “floor system” mean I’ll be working on the floor?

Not a chance! Our system works perfectly with a mid-rise lift (like our compact new EZE Lift) to provide the option of a full lifting capability. The term “floor system” just means that the floor of your stall is the foundation for anchoring and pulling. You can’t ask for a stronger, more stable foundation than that! And no more bulky, obstructive frame racks taking up too much space!

What quality guarantees do I get ?

All of our components are manufactured to the highest standards using only the finest grade steel and aluminum, making the system incredibly rugged, yet remarkably light. We’re so confident in our workmanship; we fully guarantee all components for 5 years.

How quick and easy is the system to use?

Wedge Clamp works on an ingeniously logical and easy-to-use system of wedges – no bolts and nuts like conventional systems! The modular components assemble and disassemble very quickly. We believe the Wedge Clamp System is the most remarkably simple, yet effective frame and body repair solution you can buy.

Where do I go for technical support?

You get training videos and manuals with every order. And extra advice or support is as easy as giving us a call or dropping us an e-mail from this website.